Where Rainbows Wait for Rain: The Big Bend Country

A portfolio of photographs and poems of the Big Bend area of Texas.

Product Details
Hardcover (Special Edition*)
Published in 1989 by Tangram Press
11.8 x 12.3 Inches
ISBN: 978-0940352063
Price: $200 + $12 Shipping & Handling (United States)

*The Special Edition was a limited edition of 100 books signed by the author.
It includes an 11×14 photograph from the book printed by Richard Fenker.
Approximately a dozen copies are still available.

This coffee table book on Big Bend was produced in 1989 and was quite successful in the Southwest as a “Christmas Book” featured by major book stores and exclusive department stores. It was never reprinted and occasionally a new copy will appear in a bookstore or on E-bay. Several years ago in our move to New Mexico I discovered a box of 24 of the original signed copies of the book and have been selling these along with a print from the book in my studio. This is more of a collector’s edition book than a fine art book with superb reproductions. The prints were done using a quad-tone printing process that is not up to today’s standards. Nevertheless the images offer a beautiful and haunting perspective on the Big Bend and it was highly praised by reviewers, certainly in part because of the amazing poems by Sandra Lynn.