Gemini Mind Technology / MindPartner

Add Quality Moments to Your Life
A diagnosis of Alzheimer`s does not mean the end of happiness and richness in your life, it only means that things are different now and “time`s a wasting.” Instead of grieving over something you cannot control, use the tools and information we offer to plan your future and add 10,000 meaningful, long moments.

Personhood is the Key
Our mission at Gemini MindPartner is to honor and support individuals with Alzheimer`s, their personhood, and their journey from a world of words and things to one of emotion, heart and spirit. We work with the medical community, family/caregivers and long-term residential facilities but our focus is the individual.

The MindPartner Program
MindPartner™ 2016 is a revolutionary new product for early-stage individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and their caregivers. It is a SaaS-based system that allows users to store memories, pictures, videos, music and other parts of their life history in MIND, a “companion mind” that lives on the Cloud.

Read about MindPartner in Richard’s New Book
My new book, Don’t Rain On My Parade: Living A Full Life with Alzheimer’s and Dementia, has two chapters and an appendix that describe more about MindPartner.