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Stop Studying Start Learning: Or How to Jumpstart Your Brain

A Learning / Study Skills Book Using a Left Brain – Right Brain Approach. Product Details Paperback Published in 1981 by Tangram Press 7 x 9 Inches ISBN: 0-0940352001 Price: $19.95 + $4.95 Shipping & Handling (United States) This book on how to learn more effectively by deliberately using techniques designed for both the left-brain and the right brain quickly became a...
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Where Rainbows Wait for Rain: The Big Bend Country

A portfolio of photographs and poems of the Big Bend area of Texas. Product Details Hardcover (Special Edition*) Published in 1989 by Tangram Press 11.8 x 12.3 Inches ISBN: 978-0940352063 Price: $200 + $12 Shipping & Handling (United States) *The Special Edition was a limited edition of 100 books signed by the author. It includes an 11x14 photograph from the book printed by...
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